Attention Please

  • Although there are four setup files for downloading.
  • There are only two types of Bluetooth Passport version.
  • One is professional and another is standard.
  • Both of them support Windows Vista/XP/2003/2008.

Bluetooth Passport 2.0 supports both Windows Vista/2008 and Windows XP/2003. For the login of Windows Vista is very different from the login of Windows XP, we pack the setup file for each one of them. Please download the right file for your OS.

There are two version of Bluetooth Passport. One is professional, another is stardard.

 Bluetooth Passport 2
$49.95 USD
Bluetooth Passport 2
$29.95 USD
Logon/login to Windows with Bluetooth devices, such as cell phone and PDA.YesYes
Support Windows Vista/XP/2008/2003YesYes
Include license which means how many computers the register version can be installed.21
Multi-user launchYesNo
Support Windows domain userYesNo
Support lock workstation, launch screensaver, turn screen off, sleep PC or shutdown computer after I leave.YesYes
Support Windows Vista switch userYesYes
Charges several computers at same timeYesYes
One year free upgrade supportYesYes
Support Microsoft Bluetooth stack and Widcomm/Broadcom Bluetooth stackYesYes
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